Friends of the Green Line

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Conservation Management  

The Friends of the Green Line carry out a range of conservation management tasks which are guided by the site Management Plan. The plan has been developed between Rushcliffe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust in order to ensure that the site is managed to improve its value for wildlife whilst providing a safe and enjoyable environment for visitors to enjoy.  

There are a number of different habitats present along the length of the Green Line which are managed during late summer and through the autumn and winter months. The main meadow areas in the south are cut once a year in late summer, after the wildflowers have had a chance to set seed, whilst some of the other grassy areas in the north are cut over the winter. Opening up some of the areas of scrub enables more light to reach the ground and encourages greater diversity of wildflowers to benefit nectar loving butterflies and other insects.   Some of the sycamore trees within the woodland areas have been removed in the past to allow more light to reach the wooded banks in the south and the timber has been used to create refuge piles for insects and small mammals.  

The brick sided drain is a reminder of the site’s history and one of the few remaining railway features. Removal of some of the trees close to the edge of the drain helps to protect it from damage as well as opening up the habitat for amphibians and insects such as dragonflies.   Regular cutting back of some areas of scrub each year allows regeneration and means that there is always a range of structure available for nesting birds. New growth often leads to a bumper crop of fruit providing a vital food source for birds and small mammals as well as human visitors!  

All of the work is carried out by the Friends of the Green Line volunteers, with help and support from Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. New members are always welcome and have the chance to get involved in managing the site during regular conservation work parties. These are normally held on Sundays over the autumn and winter – see the home page for details of the next event. Whether you can spare a couple of hours or a whole day, any help would be gratefully received.